Yuki Tokuda and Casey Juul in Coppelia

The Company is busy rehearsing for upcoming performances of the ballet Coppelia.  The Company will perform in Alexandria on November 3 and in Maplewood on November 17 and 18.

Coppelia is a light-hearted, comical ballet that focuses on the story of two young lovers (Swanhilda and Franz) and a magical doll-maker, Dr. Coppelius.   The ballet mixes razor-sharp story-mime with bravura classical dance.  “Coppelia” was developed in 1870 and set to the beautiful music by Leo Delibes.

This ballet is not based on a fairy tale or royalty but was set on ordinary people at the time of its creation.   In an effort to reflect the common people, the original choreographer Arthur St Leon, included a folk dance in the ballet.  He was the first one to do that.   When Swanhilda is upset about Franz’s interest in Coppelia, she trusts and ear of wheat to tell her whether or not Franz still loves her.

The wheat is used in a game of “he loves me – he loves me not” and suggests that Franz is in love with another.  Franz is angry and storms off in protest.  Swanhilda is pleased to see this display of affection from Franz and leads her friends into a joyous folk dance.

Continental Ballet Company presents this full-length ballet with a cast of professional dancers, beautiful backdrops, sets and costumes.   Riet Velthuisen has staged this ballet using her own originally choreography.

Coppelia is full of youthful characters and playful behavior.   The ballet is beautiful, comical and very entertaining.


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