Swan Lake (Full-evening)

Swan Lake is one of the most beloved of classical ballets.   The ballet is set to the beautiful music by Tchaikovsky.  Director/Founder Riet Velthuisen has re-staged this ballet to fit into a two hour format.  Complete with beautiful costumes and sets, this full-length production is a feast for the eyes.  The story of Swan Lake begins at a birthday celebration for Prince Siegfried.  The Queen asks her son to choose a bride from among the guests.   The Prince cannot decide so instead he goes hunting with his new crossbow.  While hunting he is bewitched by the beauty of a flock of swans.  He encounters a beautiful maiden dancing by a pond at night.  The maiden is Odette, who was cursed by an evil sorcerer to be a human by night, and a swan by day.  Siegfried falls in love with Odette and promises to rescue her and marry her.  Shortly afterwards, Siegfried is attending a ball and in walks the sorcerer’s daughter, Odile, dressed as a black swan and looking exactly like Princess Odette.  Odile, is also in love with the Prince and with her father’s help, gets Siegfried to pledge to marry her.  Odette hears of this, is heartbroken and runs off.  The Prince runs to find her and…..well to find out the ending, you will have to come to the ballet!