Scholarships & Financial Aid

The John Munger Scholarship

The Scholarship was created to provide support for young dancers who demonstrate exceptional ability and aspire to become a professional ballet dancer. The Scholarship recognizes the exceptional ability of these talented young people by aiding with tuition so they can continue their training, taking class and performing due to financial constraints.

Financial Aid is awarded for school year (September through June) or any portion thereof as determined by the scholarship committee. All applications will be considered by the School Director and scholarship committee. The award will be based on a number of factors including: age, class level, merit, commitment and financial need. The deadline for submission for any school year is August 15th.

Families should submit a Financial Aid Application for the scholarship program along with two previous years of tax returns and a letter indicating the level of support you are seeking. Feel free to black out your SS Number. The response will be sent to the email address (es) on file.

Please send these documents to:  Continental Ballet Company, Attn: Mary Vasaly, 1800 West Old Shakopee Road, Bloomington, MN 55431


Financial Aid – Work Study

Work study financial assistance is also available to eligible families. This program offers $15 of tuition credit per hour worked. The student or your parent/guardian must keep a regular schedule of work hours. The available work might include but is not limited to: cleaning, costume creation, costume tailoring, scheduling of ushers, setting up concessions at performances, or working fundraisers.