About Us

We at Continental Ballet were troubled by the death of George Floyd, and other Incidents of violence against people of color occurring in this country.  These persistent events have resisted efforts over the last decades to eliminate them.  As a country, we need to renew our resolve to work for equality and justice for all.

At this time, Continental Ballet emphasizes our commitment to celebrate and share classical ballet performance, education, and experience with everyone.  CBC celebrates our diverse organization, student families, patrons and friends united against discrimination, injustice, inequality, in this nation, and across continents.

The Continental Ballet Company was established in 1988 by Riet Velthuisen, a native of Holland who has danced professionally with several European companies, including the Dutch National Ballet. Continental Ballet Company presents professional classical ballet performances and outreach programs in the suburban Twin Cities area and throughout Minnesota.

Riet has choreographed and/or staged all of the ballets in the Company’s repertoire. Riet’s original choreography has won recognition by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts and has been appreciated by audiences all over the state. Her dedication and passion for the art of classical ballet is complimented by her commitment and vision for quality productions.


“the most spectacular performance I’ve ever seen” “it was just so great” “I’ve seen some good ballet before but this was exceptional” “I couldn’t be more pleased” “it was just superb, I had a fabulous time”  – audience comments