November 30, 2020, as amended January 10, 2021


Social Distancing – Per current safety guidelines, students and instructors will maintain a social distance of 9 feet at all times in the dance studio.  A maximum of 10 people will be in the dance studio at one time for any activity.

Ensure Sick Workers and Students Stay Home – As part of the registration process, families will receive the attached Parent/Student Check List.  They will sign a copy for our office and retain a copy at home to check each time they are coming for class.

Continental Ballet Company will retain a contact list for all participants in case there is an exposure to the Covid-19 virus.  We will provide this contact list to City staff.

Restroom/Changing Room – Students will be expected to come dressed for class so that there is no need for the changing room.  While we will encourage students to use the restroom before leaving home, there is the likelihood a student or instructor will need to use the restroom.  Our office registrar will accompany the student to the restrooms at the west end of the building, making sure they are wearing masks and escorting them back to the studio.

Check-in/Guardians and Parents – Registration and payment will be done online to minimize contact.  Caregivers/Guardians/Parents that accompany a participant(s) in the building must wear face masks and maintain proper social distancing for the entire time they are in the building.

 Students should not enter the building more than 10 minutes prior to the star of their class.  At this time, it is not recommended that siblings (of the participant) enter the building while the caregiver/guardian is inside assisting the participant. However, if siblings do accompany the participant, Caregivers/Guardians/Parents are responsible to assure compliance of all non-participants for the duration of the activity with the Bloomington Center for the Arts and City of Bloomington’s COVID-19 Safety and Preparedness Plans. Children between the ages of 2 and 5 are encouraged to wear a face mask, but are not required to wear a face mask.

Existing and Entering the Building – When families enter the building and go to check in, there will be six foot distance markers.  We will have students exit out the south doors of the studio. Students will be required to use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the ballet studio.  CBC has a supply of hand sanitizer for this purpose.

Equipment Bags and Water Bottles – Students can bring in their shoe bag and we have individual cubbies they can place them in.  Instructors will have students use every-other cubby to maintain distance.  Students can bring in their own water bottles.

Masks – Everyone is required to wear a mask the entire time they are in the Center for the Arts.  Students and instructors need to wear their masks at all times, including during dance class (per guidelines for Gyms and Fitness Centers), breaks, and while entering and exiting the building.  CBC has disposable masks available for students who forget or lose their masks.

Time Between Classes – We have adjusted our schedule to allow for 15 minutes between classes for cleaning and disinfecting.

Cleaning Process and Protocols – Our office staff will wipe down the ballet barres, cubbies and benches before each class.  Our instructors will wipe down the sound equipment. 

Supplies – We have ordered and received our supply of hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and disposable masks.  We will continue to restock these supplies as needed.

Trash – We have a trash container in the studio that building staff regularly empties.

Air Flow – We will have both studio doors propped open to encourage more air flow. 

Group Social Distancing – We have marked 9 foot separations along the ballet barres with colorful tape so that students can easily maintain social distancing.  We have taped out a grid map on the studio floor to mark social distancing.  

Office Safety – We have a Plexiglas partition that is used on the shared desk that Riet and Jenny use during the day.   It will then be wiped down and used at our registration desk in the evening.

Our registrars job share and in discussion we have agreed that they will wipe down their work station at the start of their shift.  Disinfecting wipes are provided to wipe down the keyboard, mouse, phone, door handle and desk surfaces. 

Informing Students, Families and Staff – We have created a power point slide show to inform families of these safety procedures.  An informative email will be sent to all students and student families regarding these new safety procedures.  Staff is undergoing training now and we will continue to review these procedures with our teaching and office staff.