Theater Audiences

The CDC states that being vaccinated is our best protection against Covid-19. We request that if you are not vaccinated you test negative before attending the theater in consideration for the safety of those around you.  Also, if you or a member of your family is showing any signs of being sick or having Covid-19 the day of the performance, please stay home whether you are vaccinated or not.
Masks are welcome but not required while in the theater lobby and while sitting in the theater.
We are all excited to be back in theater but let’s be careful so that we don’t have to take steps backwards.   Thank you




July 2022

We ask that if you or someone in your family is sick or showing signs of Covid-19, please stay home until you can be tested, have tested negative for covid-19 and feel better.

Cleaning Process and Protocol – We will wipe down the ballet barres and cubbies before each class.  

Supplies – Hand sanitizer is available in the studio.

Airflow – We will have both studio doors propped open to encourage more airflow. 

Masks – Are welcome but not required during classes.