Class Descriptions & Dress Code

In an effort to streamline student level placement, ballet class levels are set-up by school grade level, Pre-Ballet is for age 4. Each Student in every level is encouraged to progress individually, while continuing their development of technique, strength, and poise throughout each class. If families are not certain about which class/ level to enroll in, please check-in with our office. Students may try a class and be assessed by the instructor at that time. Afterwards, the teacher or staff will suggest which class/level would best suit the student. Class Descriptions & Attire (pdf)

PRE-BALLET — Age 4   light blue leotard 

Creative movement and pre-ballet. This class focuses on listening to music, rhythm, coordination, and beginning ballet movements. 

BALLET 1 — Ages 5-6  light pink leotard 

This is the first year of an hour long ballet class. Students may have had pre-ballet. This begins the discipline of barre exercise and proper classical technique.

BALLET 2 and BALLET 3 — Grades 2 & above  sea foam green leotard 

For students who have a basic understanding of the structure of a ballet class. Students learn fundamentals of classical ballet and begin working on positions of ecarté, efface and croisé.  Exercises will strengthen turn out and balance. New skills such as pirouettes and petite allegro will be introduced. 

BALLET 4 Grades 4 & above  burgundy leotard

Students work on turns, adagios and grand allegros. They will begin pre-pointe exercises, to further in their technical skills and strength. Students may remain at this level for a few years. one class per week.

BALLET 5  (Teacher’s Recommendation Required)     navy blue leotard

This will be a technique class, with a focus on Pointe. Specifically for those students already on pointe or technically ready and just about strong enough to start pointe training. Student Must take Two classes per week. 

BALLET 6  (Teacher’s Recommendation Required)  black leotard

The advanced students will work on pointe both at the barre and in center. They will do increasingly difficult center work and precise classical technique. Students should take four classes per week.


Adults and teens of all levels are welcome to the beginner and Intermediate level classes. Ideal for those who have an interest in ballet, a desire for a gentle form of exercise, improve flexibility, posture, and grace. Please register through the Bloomington Community Education Department for the Adult classes.




  • Girls wear a designated leotard color for their ballet level (see above), light pink tights and pink ballet slippers.
  • Boys wear a white t-shirt, black tights, and black ballet slippers.
  • Hair should be secured in a low bun, completely pulled away from the face.
  • Please Do NOT wear legwarmers, or extra clothing items.

For the Adult Ballet and Teen Ballet classes, students may wear clothing that allows instructors to see the lines of the body (such as leggings, a t-shirt, socks, fitness or yoga attire; leotard and tights are optional). Ballet slippers are recommended.