Tuition Rates


One time Registration Fee per household each season $20 or  Bloomington Residents $15. 

Payment Methods of cash, credit card, check (made payable to Continental Ballet Company), or online is accepted. Please submit tuition the first week of each month.

  • Pre-Ballet Students (45 minute classes)        $45/month
  • Ballet 1 (1 hour classes)                    $50/month
  • Ballet 2 (1 hour classes)                $50/month
  • Ballet 3 (1 hour classes)                $50/month
  • Ballet 4 (1 hour classes)                $50/month
  • Ballet 5

Required to take two classes per week        $96/month

  • Ballet 6

Three classes per week                    $120/month

Four classes per week                    $150/month

  • Adult Ballet                        $50/month


Individual class rates

    1 hour classes – $15

    1.5 and 2 hour classes – $25



    • Tuition must be paid in full by the 10th of the month (late fee of $10 will be applied after that)
    • Tuition is never pro-rated
    • Students starting mid-month have the option of paying the full month or paying the individual class rate
  • Classes are discounted only when paying for the full month (example: $50/month divided by 4 classes = $12.50 per class.  However, that discounted rate is only given when paying for a full month.  Individual classes are either $15 or $25)