Tuition Rates


One annual Registration Fee per family is due each season $20 or Bloomington Residents $15. For fee details, see Enrollment Agreement.

Payment Methods of cash, credit card, check made payable to Continental Ballet Company, or Payment Online is accepted (scroll to bottom of page). Please submit tuition the first week of each month.

        Pre-Ballet (45 minute weekly class)             $45/month

        Pre-Ballet 2 (one hour weekly class)             $50/month

        Ballet 1 (one hour weekly class)                    $50/month

        Ballet 2 (one hour weekly class)                    $50/month

        Ballet 3 (one hour weekly class)                    $50/month

        Ballet 4 (two classes per week)                     $96/month

        Ballet 5 (three or more classes per week)   $135 or $150/month

        Ballet 6 (four or more classes per week)     $150/month

        Teen Ballet (1.5 hour class)                            $60/month

        Single class/ Drop-in rate (1 hour): $15 per individual class

        Single class/ Drop-in rate (1.5 hour and 2 hour classes): $25 per individual class



  • Tuition MUST be paid in full by the 10th day of each month.
  • A late fee of $10 will be charged for payments submitted after the 10th of the month.
  • Tuition is never pro-rated
  • Students starting mid-month have the option of paying either the full month’s fee or the individual class rate until the next month begins.
  • Classes are discounted only when paying for the full month (example: $50/month divided by 4 classes = $12.50 per class.  However, that discounted rate is only given when paying for a full month.  Individual classes are either $15 or $25)


PAY TUITION ONLINE   ($3.00 “shipping fee” is the processing fee per each online payment transaction) 

Monthly Rates per Student

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